Public Spaces

The stone used by architects and urban planners plays a key role in modernising and smartening up town centres, reflecting the extent to which public spaces are now being reclaimed by pedestrians.

SETP is the specialist company for natural stone for urban planning: supplying cobbles for towns, pavement flags and kerbs, specialist kerb stones, and more. With over 20 years’ experience, and having participated in many large-scale construction projects, SETP is a reliable partner for the supply of natural stone.

Comblanchien Limestone is a French material that has been tried and tested for over a century in numerous public projects. It has many advantages: deposits that can be mined for many decades to come, a highly durable material ensuring the longevity of the installation, and physical and mechanical properties suited to a wide range of uses. 

  • pigeon walking on pavement
  • Dijon floor instead Darcy
  • BERRE stone arrangements
  •  Limestone Comblanchien, pavers and staircase