Stone: natural beauty

  • Fountain in Comblanchien
    Fountain in Comblanchien
  • Fountain of Village in Meursault in Burgundy
    Fountain of Village in Meursault in Burgundy
  • Fountain in Puligny
    Fountain in Puligny
  • Albi's town center fountain
    Albi's town center fountain
  • Musical fountain in Lyon
    Musical fountain in Lyon
Formats and Finishes

Fountains have iconic status in town and village centres. They are meeting and gathering places, often steeped in history.

Burgundy stones, and especially Comblanchien stone, have been widely used for over a century to construct fountains in town centres, and their use is still widespread today for creating modern fountains. Comblanchien stone is frost-resistant, and completely unaffected by the passing of time.

SETP manufactures all types of stone fountain to order: from small wall fountains to urban development projects. Every fountain is finished by hand following best industry practices.


Village fountains, circular fountains, wall fountains, garden fountains, garden waterfalls, external or courtyard ponds. We shape natural stone according to your specifications, from the most traditional to the most modern designs.

Simply send us your plans, diagrams, or a photo with dimensions.