Marble stone

  • Comblanchien
    Comblanchien "LM"
  • Blocks of comblanchien in the quarry
    Blocks of comblanchien in the quarry
  • Crust of the blocks
    Crust of the blocks
  • Urban project with Comblanchien stone
    Urban project with Comblanchien stone
  • The Comblanchien is the
    The Comblanchien is the "terroir" of the Burgundy's wines

The Comblanchien quarry lies at the heart of the Nuits-Saint-Georges vineyards in the commune of Comblanchien. Through erosion, this same rock is responsible for the potency of the limestone terroir of the Côte de Nuits and Côte de Beaune slopes, and the quality of the Burgundy Grands Crus.

Its hardness, very low porosity, subtle colours (white, grey, and pink-beige), delicate fossil content and frost-resistance make it equally suitable for urban development and thin surfacing for public areas.

Comblanchien stone is also considered to be a marble stone. It takes a polish beautifully, and is perfectly suited to interior decoration for kitchen countertops and bathroom surfaces.

"Comblanchien is the terroir of the Beaune vineyards"